My name is Basia Tran and I draw children's books and comics, hello! 👋

Franchise Kid
by the awesome mother-son duo, Vanessa and Caleb Courtrights! This heartwarming book allowed me to explore and learn about the Americanest of sports in the best company possible!
What's That?
What’s That? is a heartwarming story about the foods that make up who we are and how the meals we eat can bring us together. Written by Karen Chan. Published by Gloo Books.
My Footprints
Second picture book by award-winning author, Bao Phi. Published by Capstone Editions · Art Director: Kay Fraser
Sydney Porter: Dog Girl
Modern-fantasy, YA book cover for author Linda G. Reed.
The Number Mountain
Meet the Numbers who enjoy singing their rhymes about how they make themselves! Written by Ashley Allen
Quarantine in Spring
A personal piece I worked on when I felt down during the quarantine.
Princess Mamoona
Princess Mamoona loves to make her own tea recipes. As she relaxes outdoors one day, sipping her delicious tea, she has an idea to open her very own tea shop so that everyone may enjoy her flavorful brews. Written by Natalie Manzanares & M. Sharif.
J is for Jollof
J is for Jollof: An Alphabet Book, by GLORIA FÁTÚSÌN from Ọmọlúàbí Limited, a social enterprise startup that exists to promote literacy in indigenous Nigerian languages.
The Science of Defying Gravity
Book cover and chapter illustrations for a middle-grade STEM based fiction by Linda G. Reed.
Family Portraits
An on-going collection of family portraits for friends and family.
A Memory of Childhood
"Bloom" Thesis
A children's book I made for my senior thesis project at Ringling College of Art & Design.
Single Covers for Joey Pecoraro 🎵
Music: Joey Pecoraro
Album & singles cover art for Joey Pecoraro.
/blumɪŋ/ adj. - blossoming and glowing, as with youthful vigor and freshness.
Trip to Vermont
A collection of illustrations from my and my husband's trip to Vermont. In progress.
Fashion Illustrations
Comfortable: A Series
/ˈkəmfərdəbəl/ adj. - physical ease and relaxation. Free from stress or fear.
/kis/ v. - touch with the lips as a sign of love, desire, reverence, or greeting.
Sydney A. Frankel's Summer Mix-Up
Book cover & chapter illustrations for a middle grade coming of age novel by Danielle Joseph.
Meet the artist!
A profile I created for a Ten Day Takeover of my agency's social media.
The Flower Merchant
A children's book illustration spread done for my Illustration Class which inspired my senior thesis project.
A Rose
A spread created for the annually released "Meanwhile" comic at Ringling College of Art & Design in collaboration with a group of students selected by the Illustration faculty.
Music: Joey Pecoraro
Art I happily created for Joey Pecoraro's album, singles and merchandise.
Style and assets creation for promotional purposes, animations, and apps.
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