Basia Tran is a Polish-Vietnamese children's book illustrator based in Jersey City, NJ, where she lives with her husband Evan and their puppy Latke. One of her significant accomplishments is managing not to confuse their names, a feat not shared by her husband.

With graphite and pixels Basia weaves intricate details of wonder and whimsy, hoping to share her love of lore and laughter. Merging the restraint of graphite with the boundless possibilities of digital art, she loves to explore the myriad directions these mediums can take her. A perpetual wonderer intrigued by the human experience on Earth, she often wanders the globe, visiting family, bouldering gyms, and indulging in local cuisine and teas ☕️
️Basia's story interests include but are not limited to:
1. Fantastical, funny, and factual narratives.
2. Stories that spotlight the modern hearth and our communities, emphasizing the significance of our relationships.
3. Books about nature and our interconnectedness with it.
5. Non-fiction or fictionalized history books that approach diverse cultures with curiosity and respect.
5. Fashions from the past, present, and future.
6. Books about food, cooking, and everything in between – research is almost as enjoyable as the act of drawing itself!
7. Explorations of the complete spectrum of human emotions.
8. Books about mental health and philosophy.
9. Dogs in all their endearing forms – woofers, puppies, pups, doggos, all the dogs 
10. Slices of life, as charming as fantasy, as humorous as comedy sketches, and as truthful as non-fiction.

Basia Tran jest polsko-wietnamską ilustratorką książeczek dla dzieci oraz designerką. Ukończyła studia z honorami na wydziale ilustratorstwa w Ringling z of Art & Design w Sarasocie na Florydzie i aktualnie mieszka i pracuje w Jersey City, USA.
Basia Trần là một họa sĩ minh họa và thiết kế đồ họa người Việt Nam và Ba Lan. Bố mẹ của Basia sinh ra ở Thái Bình, nhưng Basia đã được sinh ra và lớn lên ở Kraków, Ba Lan. Tốt nghiệp đại học tại Ringling College of Art & Design ở Sarasota, Mỹ, bây giờ Basia đang làm việc ở Jersey City, USA. 

For literary projects, Basia is represented by Chad Beckerman of CAT Agencychad@catagencyinc.com
Kar-Ben Publishing, Capstone Publishing,  Epipheo, the ASPCA, Ben & Jerry, Gloo Books,  codeheroes, Tymbark, Polymath Lab, Roof Studio, Hasbro, Yves Rocher.
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