Hi! My name is Ngoc Diep Barbara Tran, but I go by my Polish short Basia.
I graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design in May 2017 after completing two years in Computer Animation and two in Illustration. I'm a mostly Vietnamese, part Polish, and a bit of an American illustrator working in YA & children's books, music, animation, video games & advertising. I am currently based in my beautiful hometown Kraków, Poland.
Despite my upbringing and work being diverse, it is connected by a common thread: my desire to tell stories that could make you laugh, teach you something new or even bring you some peace. Best of all, if they could be all of the above.
As much as I love variety, there's one medium I love beyond all, and it is graphite. I like that it can be decisive and bold, but also soft, as if only whispering the stories. I can get all the shades of life with it, not just black and white.
In my free time, I am either looking for an opportunity to make a loved one laugh, enjoying my time alone, learning or thinking about all there is to learn and think about in the universe. Though I'm not that good yet, rock wall climbing is really cool too.

Fall many times, get up morer times. Photo credit - Esteban Bravo

If you have a project that could use a good illustrator / designer / concept or storyboard artist, hit me up, and tell me all about it. I would love to be involved!
I am proudly represented by Breanna Zack of UK illustration agency Advocate Art.
Resume available upon request or on LinkedIn.
Thank you!
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