Website service GIFs for Yeon Agency:
Art Director: Ben Hooley for Collaborate Agency
Service: Brief Interpretation
Service: Cultural Differences
Service: Art Direction
Service: Navigating Timezones
Service: Translation Services
Concept art for Ben & Jerry:
Director: Zack Williams for Roof Studio
Logo Design created for a baking / catering business Slodki Poratunek:
Illustration to set style for an Epipheo & Teradyne animation:
Art Direction: Bitsy Voce, Epipheo

Color Studies:

Promotional character designs for PelviFly through _codeheroes
Art Direction: _codeheroes​​​​​​​
In-App game assets for PelviFly & _codeheroes:
Art Direction: PelviFly
Sticker emojis for _codeheroes:
Art Direction: _codeheroes

More in this gallery:

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