A Rose

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"You complain about seeing thorny rose bushes; Me, I rejoice and give thanks to the gods that thorns have roses.”

Primarily, this quote by Alphonse Karr tells you to look at things from a different perspective – that perhaps things are more sweet than bitter.

But as with anything else, in excess, all good things turn bad, and in this comic I explore the side effect of over-implementing this philosophy. Driven by your admiration (so often mistaken for love) for something, brains, talent, looks, you can hold on to something that is actually harmful. A case not unlikely to happen to artists, I think.

It was brought to my attention recently that I should talk about my process so if you don’t want to interpret it yourself, or just want to see if you were right, here it is:

In the first panel, what I wanted to show was the travel from something safe to danger. Thus, quite literally I put round objects on the left, and sharp shapes on the right, with that hill almost like a blade aiming at this person’s head – as in the case of feelings, it seems like your head is the first to jump ship.

It’s something very subtle, so I don’t think anybody will actually pick up on, but I wanted to say, that when you’re stuck in a toxic situation like this, it’s a cycle, and relapsing is a common occurrence – that’s why there are small bruises on their hands – they have done this before, left, and came back.

The location of the Rose is curtained by a Weeping Willow – pretty self-explanatory, I think.

About the medium and color palette, I choose to do it in graphite to illustrate that with all that has been said, it’s never a black and white matter, but different shades of gray. The red bears both their good and bad symbolism, love, violence, passion, etc.

That is at least the nice explanation, because to be honest, I just really like graphite.