Artist Statement:
Not being a child, but not yet an adult is a point of convergence I explore in my thesis.
Titled Bloom this children’s book is a collection of moments that explore the blurry lines between reality and imagination. The meeting points of childhood novelty and adulthood prudence, but also naiveté and grimness.
Each illustration is accompanied by a flower, which in the Language of Flowers symbolizes the essence of the tackled subject associated with the journey of growing up. To each, the reader is encouraged to fill in the blanks and make their own story.
My medium of choice is graphite, which offers the precision and stability that counters the fickleness of my imaginary realms. It is also a reflection of the reality I see as an adult, seeing things not as black and white, but instead, different shades of grey.
Other thoughts less professionally formulated:
I spend most of my days thinking about everything you could probably think about, and I think even more when making a decision about a certain subject or action. For better and worse, that's how I'm wired and that's what I have to work with. It is a huge relief when things come to me in an instant and it just feels right. Be it hearing a particular part in a song, having a drunk conversation with a new friend or listening to a voice message my mom accidentally sends me while playing Candy Crush. How this book came to me, was also one of those moments. I cherish it deeply and I hope I was able to share that feeling with you.
Thanks for looking :)
Basia, Sarasota, May 2017

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